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Acquire Real Assets. These are assets that actually exist. It means that you have something in your hand, unlike typical financial products, where only a contract is made with you for a service and a promise in writing. You may not be able to claim money back.

And that is exactly the usual problem: You want security. And that lies in the rarity and exclusivity of real assets - in YOUR own hands.


The elementary characteristrics of real assets (Reale Werte) are:

  • Scarcity and a falling or limited increase in supply with constant or increasing demand
  • A combination of stable value and expected increases in value
  • A low or no correlation to traditional asset classes
  • A certain implicit protection against inflation-"Things are getting more expensive"
  • Largely independent of systematic risks (bank and insurance bankruptcies, political changes, legal changes, default of debtors and creditors, etc.)
  • Real assets can either hardly be destroyed (such as a diamond) or can be insured so that investors do not have to worry about total losses
  • The value of a real asset can never be 0, - as is the case with paper / electronic assets (e.g. stocks or credibility of banks as your debtors)


Material value without negative interest

Gold is a material with value that can never face a negative interest

Gold is the oldest currency in the world. With us you can buy gold directly over the counter.

In addition to the usual bars from reputable providers, you may buy golden coins. They are also interesting money investments, since there is an additional chance to acquire rare series that will be sought later.

More info about Gold


The last of the precious metals

Osmium has only been tradable since its first crystallization in 2014. It has the highest density of any material in the world.

In this respect, any admixture of any less valuable material can be clearly identified. In addition, the osmium we offer is equipped with a structure similar to a fingerprint.

Crystallized Osmium is officially registered at the Osmium Institute, which operates worldwide. In this way, a stolen item can always be assigned to the rightful owner.

More info about Osmium


Diamonds are enjoying increasing demand on the world market. A further price increase of 6 - 8 percent is expected in the coming years. A major reason for this is that no new development of a diamond mine is expected. In addition, diamonds are convertible worldwide provided they have an internationally recognized certificate from one of the recognized institutes.

For diamonds, neither maintenance costs nor significant ongoing operating costs need to be taken into account. But tax advantages and easy buying and reselling also make diamonds increasingly popular with investors.


A big advantage of silver as an investment is its limited availability. When all the silver has been mined, no more can be processed and the only option is to recycle the silver that has already been used.

The known silver deposits on earth will be mined in 15 to 20 years. We anticipate an explosion in silver prices years before that. Extracting the leftovers from the mines will be very time-consuming and costly.

More about Silver


Special vintage wines, i.e. certain years and types of origin are very special investments and real values. When choosing, you should seek advice from a professional. We are in close contact with experts and opinion leaders in the market.

We are currently expanding our wine collection. So take a look at our ONLINE SHOP regularly!

Get to our wines on sale here


Surely you have already thought about where to store your real values. In your own safe, in bank lockers, under your pillow or do you prefer another alternative?

Especially in the current time of crisis, you don't want to make mistakes and play it safe.

We will be happy to explain in detail which alternatives are available to you and what the associated opportunities and risks are, tailored to your individual needs.

More about storage of your real assets

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