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10 brilliant facts about crystalline osmium

OSMIUM is extremely rare

01 OSMIUM is rare

The left picture below shows the availability of precious metals worldwide. The globally available amount of gold fits into a cube with an edge length of 22 meters. In terms of quantity, OSMIUM is the rarest of all precious metals in our earth’s crust, as there is 1,500 times less of it than gold and 2,500 times less of it than silver.

02 OSMIUM is valuable

Crystalline OSMIUM is 20x more precious than gold and has the highest value in terms of volume among all precious metals. 1 pure ounce of osmium = 31.1 g.

03 OSMIUM is shiny

We all love the sparcle. With a steel blue color and its unique bluish-silvery to bluish-whitish reflection of light Crystalline OSMIUM extends beyond that of a diamond. The reason is the light does not refract on the crystal surface and has a remarkable reflection.

04 OSMIUM is evolving

Osmium was toxic until 2014, when Swiss scientists accidentally discovered the possibility that they could crystallise osmium. The process is extremely complex and time consuming, with as many as 50 interdependent variables (temperature, pressure, gas content, etc.). If only one of these variables deviates, the crystallisation process is unsuccessful.

Since its launch in 2014, the price of crystalline OSMIUM has been steadily increasing and is very stable.

05 OSMIUM is the heaviest

Another great fact is shown in the picture below in the middle. Osmium is twice the weight of lead. In fact, with 22.61 g/cm3 osmium has the highest density of a naturally occurring element in the world!

06 OSMIUM is NOT a chemical element

OSMIUM is an element with atomic number 76 in the periodic table of the elements. It cannot be produced chemically/artificially.

07 OSMIUM has an exceptional purity

The crystalline OSMIUM has a purity of 99.9995%. In its crystalline form osmium is completely harmless to the body and skin.

08 OSMIUM is durable

Because of its durability OSMIUM keeps its shine forever. For example, it is also resistant to hydrochloric acid. Its abrasion resistance exceeds all other substances. It's age is already a couple of billion years...

09 OSMIUM is solid

The crystalline OSMIUM has a value of 7.5 on the Mosh hardness scale and is as hard as tungsten and harder than silver and gold whose hardness is 2.7 and 2.5.

10 OSMIUM cannot be counterfeited

Each piece of osmium is unique. Its surface structure has a 10,000 times higher accuracy than a fingerprint..

Rare & Valuable

Precious metals are limited on our planet. Additionally, some of the metals around (like gold) may be melted down in future and get back into the market whereas Osmium with its crystalin structure may be iprocessed into jewelry and kept stored away in jewelry boxes and therefor lost for future demand.

Density and weight

So gold doesn't deserve a gold medal when it comes to the globally unique physical properties of a precious metal - the medal would probably be better for osmium.

Counterfeit impossible

In jewelry and luxury it is unforgivable: only the original counts! Like diamonds, osmium has a certificate that confirms its authenticity. In addition, each piece is registered in a database and, thanks to its physical properties, is unforgeable!

True intellectual is action, instead of big words

Osmium is indeed limited - we expect the world's mineable reserves to be exhausted in just over 10 years - but demand will increase. So secure your share now and visit our Osmium online shop!

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