Art as an investment

How to earn money with art


In the background above you can see what is initially surprising. Contemporary art exceeds appreciation of the old beautiful paintings for many years. The skill is to recognize “art” as such at an early stage. Chart source:

Who has got a potential

The market for art, especially in the premium segment, has become significantly more efficient. What does this mean for your ambition to make money with art? Due to a large number of web catalogs and auction houses as well as price comparisons, it is hardly possible to obtain an arbitrage based on (insider) information. This applies above all to “fine” art, i.e. Old Masters, 19th century, but also to the very well-known names in modern painting.


Neo-expressionists like the “young wild ones” still show hippie-esque features of the 60s and punk of the 80s. It is a figurative painting with expressive colors, whereby the classic...

Pop Art

Pop Art and its followers areconsidered a vibrant idea around popular culture that evolved since the beginning of the 60s. Some consider it a reaction to the post-war world of the 1950s which...

Op Art & Kynetic

We know kinetic art as works of art that incorporate movement as an integral part of their quality. They can be shapes that are aesthetic, appealing and predominantly of a perfect...

Contemporary - for the living room

Contemporary art has demonstrably “outperformed” the overall market for many years. But what does “contemporary” actually mean? It is the work of artist that, to this day, has become a reflection of society in the spirit of optimism and moodiness that emerged in the 1960s. With it's variety of styles and directions, it reflects cultural, social and political issues.


Alternative to the financial market

So contemporary art is actually a competitive investment and a real alternative to the financial market. Financial markets have been suffering for decades from systemic risk and default risks (keyword Credit Suisse etc.). Furthermore, low and sometimes negative interest rates, the monetary easing and the explosively increasing national debt speak for themselves. At the end of the day, it is always the real asset that is almost imperishable, i.e. the silver coin or the successful visual enhancement of the living room by displaying “art”.


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Mulled wine chat

You read that right - we best talk about art as an investment in a comfortable environment and in the presence of the artist. After all, it's about your money and how you can influence the future price.

Kunsthaus ZUrich

The Kunsthalle and Kunsthaus Zurich show international contemporary art and thinking for discussion. Since 1996, the Kunsthalle Zurich has shown up to ten individual and group exhibitions in changing formats every year. We would be happy to invite you. Contact..

Why invest in Art

Switzerland is an ideal meeting point for art connoisseurs. The VAT is low (8.1%), safe customs-free warehouses. Meet virtual and in real. Visit our Swiss art shop.

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