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Storage of real assets

Do you know the advantage to be independent from banks?

Bonded warehouse & lockers

Values ​​such as diamonds, gold, silver and osmium or other goods can be temporarily stored duty-free in a bonded warehouse. This is legal in Switzerland because the bonded warehouses are legally tax-free customs areas.

Contrary to popular belief, bonded warehouses are not only available to institutional investors. Private investors can also use this type of storage for small investments. As a further option, we offer bank-independent lockers.

Our bonded warehouse is located in the Zurich area. We would be happy to work with you to develop an individual solution for your storage choice.

Bank-independent storage

When stored in a bonded warehouse, you remain the permanent owner of the valuables. You will know that your valuables are being stored in the safest possible way at all times, as they remain in your possession at all times and the storage company does not receive any ownership rights. Your precious metals are treated as “special assets” and for this reason are never on the balance sheets of operators or service providers. You therefore never have to worry about the insolvency of the companies involved. This is different with “unallocated storage” at a bank. Here you are simply an unprotected creditor as title passes to the bank. You therefore only own a "right" or "paper" and you would be at the mercy of the bank's creditworthiness - the opposite of what you want to achieve by investing in real assets!

Please consider storing in banks carefully! You cannot be sure whether your gold will actually be stored. A bank's competence lies in granting loans - not in storage! Only trust experts like us!

Country diversification

Avoid risk through clever diversification of countries. Switzerland is not part of the EU and is still politically one of the most stable countries. It therefore makes sense to store parts of your assets in one of the safest places in one of the safest countries in the world - in a bonded warehouse in Switzerland.

Use this geopolitical diversification and the intelligent method to legally save VAT and ideally diversify your assets.

Value added tax

Bonded warehouses are considered transit areas. As long as their real assets ​​remain within this range, no fiscal taxes are due.

The VAT is only owed to the state if you import the goods from the transit area of ​​the bonded warehouse into Switzerland or another country. This is particularly suitable for expensive assets such as precious metals, diamonds, jewelry and antiques. Re-exports are also possible at any time and remain tax-free.

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