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By the way: Gold is money - all other is credit.

Goldbars and coins

Investing in gold can offer the security that investors want. Avoid any securitization of this precious metal and only buy physical gold. Then you get the security of being able to sell your gold at any place and at any time at the current price. The specific characteristics of gold as real assets include:

The specific characteristics of gold as real assets include:

  • Most famous precious metal and means of payment in the world
  • Recognized and best-known substitute currency in the world in every country
  • Very wide range of uses (industry, jewelry, coins, investments)
  • Very easy to work with in manufacturing process
  • Gold is enjoying increasing demand on the world market, especially in emerging countries
  • Gold is attractive from a tax point of view
  • Gold can also be bought anonymously in cash - no official reporting requirement provided that over-the-counter transactions take place within the legal framework

We would be happy to first talk to you about the opportunities and risks as well as financial planning aspects of owning gold. We discuss whether an investment in gold bars or gold coins is more suitable in your case. We also lead you to a local bank-independent counter where you can buy and sell this most famous precious metal in the world - anonymously and undisturbed.

Gold – too expensive at the moment?

The price of gold has recently risen sharply due to the numerous crises (national debt, wars, corona). Nevertheless, gold is traded far below its correct value in terms of its intrinsic value measured in US dollars (1 dollar is barely 20% deposited with gold). Smart investors therefore buy physical gold in several stages or regularly. This gives you the security of buying gold at an average price during future periods. Even if the price falls in the meantime and only reaches a previous level later, income can be generated with a regular gold savings plan as shown in the example on the right.

Ist Gold momentan überbewertet? Regelmäßiger Gold Kauf gleicht Schwankungen im Preis aus und sichert ihr Vermögen dauerhaft. 
REALE WERTE - Geldanlagen in Sachwerte

Our gold savings plan in Switzerland is well explained below. Our partner Solit will set it up for you; If you subscribe through us, you receive the following advantages:

  • You receive a customer discount as an online client
  • The service charges of the Reale Werte Team and your personal adviser are included in the product set-up
  • We offer you a non-binding portfolio analysis indicating correlation levels as part of your existing portfolio and a "Financial Plan Light"
  • You may offer your precious metal stocks for sale in our shop free of charge

Storage and retention of Gold

Of course, you can also keep gold in your own safe or locker. If you want more security during storage, we will offer further individual options for storing your gold and other precious metals.

Find out more about storage and retention of your precious metals and other valuables

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