The rarest precious metal in the world

The metal with magic aura

Osmium was discovered in 1804. But the real sensation only arose in mid-2013, when a scientist succeeded in crystallizing this unique metal for the first time. The result was a small revolution in the jewelry and watch market. As a result, the luxury industry has a new eighth precious metal with particularly attractive properties.

The beautiful glittering shine in blue and white has an almost magical aura. With a circular cut, osmium diamonds, for example, are not a fake of real diamonds, nor are they an attempt to get a glossy effect with glass. Instead, they are rather a completely new form of jewelry based on an ultra-rare type of precious metal.

When it was launched as "crystalline" osmium in 2014, osmium was only available in the form of a powder and as such was still largely unknown. The reasons were its toxicity (powder) which made it uninteresting for industrial use. It was only through the crystallization process developed by our trading partner that harmlessness, gloss and sparkle and the possibility of shaping the material and using it scientifically emerged.

"Osmium Big Bang" - use your great chance!

Osmium is primarily regarded as an investment and jewelry metal, but is also increasingly used in the nano technology industrial sector. It is searched for and "consumed", i.e. unlike gold, for example, it cannot be melted down and can hardly be returned to the market.

In the future, these investors will then be able to meet the demand for industrial applications, the watch and jewelry market or science.

Of course, like other precious metals, osmium is also subject to fluctuations in the markets, but its extreme rarity and the increasing demand in the jewelry and watch market can lead to the big bang, i.e. in a few years there will be no longer any resources in the market.

Price & Storage

The price of osmium is determined and published with a spot price in a fixing (no stock exchange price). The data can be found on the website www.osmium-preis.de and in specialist media.

The price varies with the existing stocks in the crystallization plant and the lead times in the crystallization. We sell osmium plus VAT. In Switzerland, you benefit from by far the most favorable conditions in Europe (7.7%). Even tax-free purchases are possible. This only requires a company with a VAT number or with storage in your depot organized by us in the bonded warehouse (Zollfreilager).

Of course, we also offer you insurance and a safe deposit box in renowned institutes.


Osmium is only broken down in connection with platinum. When 10,000 tons of platinum are mined, only 1 ounce of osmium is excreted.

With the new option at the beginning of 2014 of being able to invest in crystalline osmium, the demand for osmium has already increased rapidly.

Today, osmium is a fascinating precious metal and a new asset class for long-term investors!


Osmium has the greatest density of all precious metals and a unique crystal structure. As a consequence it cannot be falsified. It also has the greatest purity of all precious metals.

Warning - fraudsters try to bring osmium into circulation in the form of melting pearls - i.e. to sell osmium in its raw form. In doing so, these fraudsters endanger our health and create dubious values.

Each unit of this precious metal in its crystallized form is unique in its structure. Thus, every single piece of osmium is clearly certified by the internationally renowned Osmium Institute, photographed and registered by the institute and is sold with a kind of passport.


Osmium has its origin in relation to the big-bang history of our planet and is therefore several billions of years in age.

The compression of osmium is even lower than that of diamonds. In simplified terms, the last of all precious metals can be squeezed even less than a diamond.

It has also the highest abrasive force and is the most durable element of all on our planet.

Osmium Jewelry

The rarest and purest precious metal in the world plays in an extraordinary class and is therefore more suitable than any other metal for the finest jewelry!

The use of osmium in the jewelry industry is increasing all the time. The combinations with other precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or titanium are extremely exclusive. These pieces of jewelry also reduce the raw material market for osmium, since the pieces of jewelry remain in private hands.

Unlike gold, for example, osmium is not brought back onto the market in a processed form. Well-known jewelers have taken on the most valuable of all precious metals and created breathtaking creations.

Talk to us, we would like to implement your ideas with you. Anyone who has ever given away real jewelry or received it knows what such a promise is worth. If thoughts and feelings can ever be immortalized in their deepest form, it is with a piece of osmium.

Osmium das letzte Edelmetall wird in Schmuckindustrie zunehmend beliebter. Im Luxussegment ist Osmium angekommen und weist so den Weg für die restliche Schmuckindustrie. 
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