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A great advantage of silver as an investment is its limited availability and the enormous demand in the jewelry market as well as in the industrial sector. Once all the silver has been mined, no new silver can be produced. The only option remaining is to recycle the silver that has already been processed. But that is considerably more expensive than with the current costs of funding. Existing jewelry is unlikely to get back into the cycle in significant quantities. The known silver deposits on earth will be fully mined in 15 to 20 years. Years before that, silver prices can be expected to explode. Extracting the remains from the almost exhausted mines will be very time-consuming and costly. So it is already worthwhile to build up stocks at some level today.

Price and outlook

Although the price of silver has risen continuously since 2003, the following factors provide further growth opportunities:

The finiteness of the degradable

Silver deposits

Even if the number of potential sites for mining were to double again, and leading to an increase in silver production of only 2% annually, this would nevertheless result in an exhaustion of the reserve base, i.e. the world's existing resources, as early as 2045.

Deeper drilling using new technologies is of no use, since silver is located in the upper layers of the earth's crust that have already been explored.

The use of silver in

industrial area

We still see great potential here, many uses are still new and new areas of application are constantly being added. The use of silver in the industrial sector will make supplies increasingly scarce and drive up the price of silver.

Silbernugget - Silber als Geldanlage eignet sich als Vermögenssicherung & Altersvorsorge 
REALE WERTE - Geldanlagen in Sachwerte

As a consequence, it makes sense to use our savings plan to invest in silver for old-age provision or for larger purchases. This is a very easy option and convenient with our flexible gold and silver savings plan.

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