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Valuation & collection of wine as an investment

Why old wine is so valuable

Wines are real assets too. Basically, however, you should have a good deal of knowledge about wines before you make an investment decision on your own. Historic red wines, especially Bordeaux and Burgundy from France, for example, have been achieving exorbitant prices at auctions for many years, and there are connoisseurs who call this system “liquid gold”.

In fact, these wines are still worth storing. The wines are also drinkable with pleasure and maturity - with a vintage wine you can celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary or other anniversaries in a very special and sophisticated way.

Either way, our Real Values team will help you put together a portfolio of valuable wines on request that corresponds to your values and goals. However, if you are only looking for a certain vintage or a certain brand and origin or want to give a wine with the year of birth of a friend, you can also make your own personal selection in our shop.

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What makes a good vintage?

First of all, it should be noted that viticulture is a science in itself. Basically it has to be clarified what a vintage wine is. To put it simply, one can say that vintages have to mature regularly. Even ripening of the grapes is achieved through the interplay of many circumstances. The most important quality-determining factors are precipitation, drought, hours of sunshine and temperature in the different phases of vine growth.

Because depending on the weather, the acid and sugar content can build up in the grapes. These are ultimately responsible for the aroma of the wine. Malic and tartaric acids can be found in wine. If the ratio of acidity is perceived as pleasant, the wine is perceived as fruity and juicy, for example. Otherwise, however, perceived as unpleasant, the wine is classified as pointed, grassy, green, or even hard. The acid content is given in per mille. You can assume a good mixing ratio if the alcohol value is in a good ratio.

Wine is a natural product - which is precisely why it is so valuable and exciting! Because something different is expected every year and from every growing area!

It is precisely these factors that make wine something very special - liquid gold!  

What creates a good valuable Vintage Wine?

Among wine lovers, the term "vintage wine" explains a particularly high quality wine from a year in which particularly high quality grapes were produced. In addition, the weather conditions were particularly good for some years (rain, wind and hail or frost went lightly).

But excessive exposure to the sun could have had a negative effect on the quality. As a result vintages vary in quality depending on the country and growing region.

What other advantage besides rarity and taste sensation

can old wines have?

With an old wine you can celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary or other anniversaries in a very special and sophisticated way.

Which wines are actually suitable as an investment?

Bordeaux and Burgundy wines are particularly popular among collectors. But also certain South Africans, Spaniards (Rioja) and Italians (Brunello) now achieve top prices and are designed for long drinkability. Our expertise is regularly supplemented by partnerships with specialists and clubs.

So what makes e.g. Bordeaux wines turn into real gems?

Overall speaking it is AGE, TERROIR, OAK and EXCLUSIVITY.


In general valid is „the older the better“, but beware of wines that can not be drunk anymore. This is the assumption when it comes to red wine. Time and maturity really adds to certain wines to make them taste better. Over time will the acidity and tannin in a wine reduce. With age the fruit content matures towards dried stewed and fruits fruits and gain subtlety and smoothness. That is why we like Barbaresco , Rioja, Burgundy and Bordeaux better when older.


Winemakers will tell you that great wine is made in the vineyard and they would focus on reducing yields (produce less grapes) so that the resulting wines are more intense.

Well the location of the grapes is important. One may think on a hill with low-nutrient soils is better than flat fertile soils closer to a river.

When it comes to finding a good wine region you should know the sub-regions of your brand and the difference between the banks on which they grow.


The most coveted wines in the world age their wines in oak, and many use new oak. Putting wine in an oak barrel does 2 things; it adds oak ‘flavors’ to a wine (such as vanilla and baking spice) and it exposes the wine to oxygen. Oxygen does some amazing stuff to wine because the tannins become less intense and the taste of the wine becomes smoother.

Oak flavors in Red Wine are:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Clove, Dill, Eucalyptus, Allspice, Nutmeg, Cedar box, Smoke, Tanned Leathe, Sweet Tobacco, Coconut, Almond, Mocha

Oak barrels are expensive because only 2 barrels can be made from an 80 year old oak tree. French barrels are in demand so they cost about twice as much as American barrels.

How do I approach the value of a wine?

This is how you could proceed :

Take a good similar wine you really like and of which you know it can be drunk after decades from the supermarket.

Now as a rule of thumb add:

• 1 Franken per annum older than the one you bought

• 10 Franken for a limited supply due to size oft the region (if terrain has a good image)

• 10 Franken for exclusivity (check availability in the internet – not found immediately add another 10 CHF)

Make sure you do not go for thoise already highly priced and well-known since their capacity for growth may be limited especially in mature and efficient markets. And now store and lock away in a good place. It will gain in value over time.

Why don't we offer the most expensive wines as an investment?

You might be wondering why we don't recommend wines like Chateau Petrus or Mouton Rothschild. Well, it's almost obvious. They are undoubtedly real values BUT these wines have always been "expensive" and “exclusive”. And a substantial part of our customers' profit lies in “purchasing”. We believe our wines have the potential to increase in value even more than those already "declared" good vintage wines and locations. Time will tell.

Is Reale-Werte also a wine merchant?

No, not at all. We are collectors and only sell occasionally. Try out our wines, be it for a vintage present or a tasting of a wine for subsequent purchases at a wine trade. You may also build up or add to your own individual investment.

Dear collectors and investors, in our online shop we sell wines from our collections with an investment character and send them to you insured and well packaged. We continuously receive top wines from the best vintages, from this and last century, which are not yet listed here.

We also have an excellent network - should you wish a special year - we would be happy to let our contacts play for you.

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